1. Dear God

From the recording Forget & Let Loose

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Dear God

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Dear God are you listening to me? I got faith & I'm yours I believe that you'll help me. Dear God Please.

There's a man on the street he don't got food to eat but he's like " all I want is beer for my belly, one more beer for my belly"
& I'm playing here for a business man he's all wide eyed he's all sniffing again he's all wide eyed.

His Cocaine eyes. Oh you know his Cocaine eyes.

There's a lady on the street she don't got food to eat but she's like "all I want is some money, please give me some money" but I can see it in her eyes, that all she wants is Somebody.

All these sins I've been given. this terrible place that we live in. It's getting outta hand & I'm forgiven for all these sins I've been living.

I understand that my problems ain't so big but in my little world they seem to be.