From the recording Forget & Let Loose

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Heart To Heart

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I'm waiting for this river, to go the other way, and then I'm coming home and then I'm coming but the way the trees loose their leaves is how I feel about my hopes and dreams. And I know you know

There's a summer hiding up your sleeve. The way you shake your knees. The way you smile when you know your life bout to turn around. And I know you know

You saving me from the things I do and a heart to heart is what I need from you. If the cost of life is thinking twice and I build it up I break it down and I know. I know He's got a better plan for you

Loving from the heart and ticking all your boxes, being good to your friends don't you know it's friends to the end.

The way I feel know in my heart. Yeah we living like we live on the run.