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Hard Knocking Life

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I see you standing there. In a country that's torn between past and present affairs and your father works all day but the mines been on strike and you don't think that everything is gonna be ok.

So wear your heart alone. I know you want to go.

It's a hard knocking life and I know you feel alone, I see your heart broken and torn.

I've seen that face, I know that place. I've walked a mile in your shoes. That's what they told you, when they told you to get out, when the told you to FORGET & LET LOOSE. So just put your hope in, the one thing that's God. He's gonna get us through this fight. This is my country, this is our country are you with me here tonight.

With the world making changes, don't feel that your on your own. We in this together, just give me your hand let's go.