Dinner With Justin

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Dinner With Justin, Linda Street, Roodepoort, Gauteng

Picture yourself taking your seat as the sun sets surrounded by friends and family for boutique music & Portuguese food evening??

We start the evening with Fresh breads, soft Butter and Portuguese Prawn Rissoles. We welcome you to Dinner with Justin as you get your table a bottle or Two of something and Justin Serrao starts performing his first set. Telling you stories of each song and the journey it took to get there. You see and hear the cracking flames as the lick the bay leaf infused Espetada that has been finely selected from Goodmans Butchery and marinated from our Chef Luis..........

3 Course Meal 2 Performances by Justin Serrao Cash Bar Pre sale only Tickets R300 Limited seats

Contact us DinnerwithJustin@Gmail.com 0764024507

Music by Justin Serrao

Raining in my soul https://youtu.be/Y1MLS3jzkiM

Winding Road https://youtu.be/sEkqrNyg0eI

Shoe don't fit https://youtu.be/_NrFRbThVeY

Kinders van die wind https://youtu.be/4itnPY4Rtlo

Sucker https://youtu.be/iExCG51EIYM

Friends https://youtu.be/fIn936e56zg

Bottoltjie Blou https://youtu.be/q8rdR2wNE9Q

More info on Justin Serrao at www.JustinSerrao.com